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The activity-agnostic social fitness platform to challenge, meetup and share with your fitness squad, all while being rewarded
Hypefive  for  every  athlete

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Discover Hypefive, the app that revolutionizes social fitness in the first all-sports gamified fitness platform. Unlock your full potential with friendly competition, meet your friends or other hypers, earn real prizes or donate to cause that you care about. Join the first community of all-terrain athletes and download the Hypefive App on iOS and Android today.

unleash your full potential


Compete for fun, win for real. Add a layer of friendly competition to your fitness activity by challenging your friends for hypercoins on any sport or activity – an ironman, a tennis match, a running streak, an abs killer video.

Create or join a challenge

Select challenge type, set the deadline or date and invite friends

Bet hypercoins

We make a pool of the hypercoins and split it between winners at the end

Upload proof

Upload photos and activity data from connected devices to prove to others that you have completed the goal

Validate others

Review participants’ proof and validate those who complete it

Win hypercoins

Earn hypercoins for the challenges you win!

Meet friends or find a squad


Coordinate to work out with friends, join meetups in your area or find hypers to fill your matches. It’s more fun with other hypers – explore a new studio with a friend, join a Saturday ride or find the fourth player for your golf match



Improve your fitness experience with friends’ and other hypers’ recommendations. Earn hypercoins for your recommendations to the network.

Reward your game play


Spend hypercoins earned to buy real prizes or donate to causes that you care about.

And much more!

Groups, activity data from connected devices, hypers news feed, events’ shared memories, interests and much more to come!


Easily invite whole groups of friends or communities to your events. Want to play a tennis match? Invite your whole college group and see who’s up for the challenge

Connected devices

Garmin and Fitbit integration to overlap activity data in your posts and prove challenges. Plus, more integrations underway!

Hypefive for you


We are the first activity agnostic network. There’s room for everyone: outdoor lovers, thrill seekers, sporadics, boutique addicts, flex-trainers, team players, GPS-ers, @home buddies.

business accounts

Hypefive for fitness engagement

Engage more easily with your community, increase members frequency, retention and motivation or market and fill your events!

Create a group to engage with your community

Organize community meetups and challenges


Get hypercoins for your recommendations to the network. The higher the value, the higher the reward

Create a group with your regular members

Invite them to challenges and reward the winners

Members can create meetups to keep each other accountable

Market your events directly to a pool of athletes

Gain higher event participation with members inviting

Download the Hypefive app to start your social fitness journey