The benefits of outdoor workouts and how to get started

Outdoor exercise has a multitude of benefits for both your physical and mental health. Learn how to get started with today’s article!
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With a growing number of studies showing the many benefits of outdoor workouts, it’s no surprise that more and more people are making the switch. From improved mental health to increased motivation and even a boost in vitamin D exposure, there are countless reasons why outdoor exercise should be part of your daily routine.

Studies have shown that exercisers who take their workouts outside enjoy greater levels of mental wellbeing than those who exercise indoors. For example, research has demonstrated that outdoor activities can improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Being outdoors also provides the opportunity to enjoy nature, which can help to further reduce stress hormones. Additionally, working out outdoors can provide exercisers with a feeling of freedom and connection with nature that indoor activities cannot provide.

If you’ve been curious about making the switch to outdoor workouts, now is the time. Here’s all you need to get started!

Why you should consider taking your workouts outdoors

The benefits of outdoor workouts are numerous, and the variety of activities available means you can find something to suit your needs no matter what. As an added bonus to all the pros of exercise in general, spending time outside in nature offers many physical and mental health benefits.

Here are some of the key benefits of outdoor workouts!

Improved Vitamin D Exposure

Getting adequate vitamin D is essential for optimal health, yet most people don’t get enough from their diet or from the sun through regular indoor activities. Outdoor workouts provide an opportunity to get a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun, which helps with bone growth and strengthens our immune systems.

Vitamin D also aids in calcium absorption, which helps us maintain strong bones over time. Furthermore, low levels of vitamin D have been linked to depression and other forms of mental illness, so increasing your exposure through outdoor workouts can help improve your overall mental well-being.

All in all, outdoor workouts provide an opportunity to get a healthy dose of vitamin D from natural sunlight, which can help to improve your physical and mental health in many ways.

Improved Mental Health

Outdoor exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels by decreasing cortisol levels in the body. This can lead to improved moods and a better sense of well-being overall. Being out in nature also releases endorphins, which boost our happiness levels and make us feel more relaxed and refreshed after a workout session.

Additionally, outdoor workouts often require more concentration than indoor routines due to environmental stimuli such as weather conditions or terrain changes; this leads to heightened focus and improved cognitive functioning.

Finally, having access to different activities gives you a greater sense of freedom while working out, allowing you to switch up your routine whenever you need a break or want some extra motivation!

Increased Motivation & Enjoyment

In the same way that being outdoors can help you focus and concentrate better, it also provides an opportunity for increased motivation. Studies have found that exercisers who take their workouts outside are more likely to stick with their exercise routine and find it more enjoyable than those who stay indoors. And when it comes to fitness routines, motivation is key for success!

In many cases, with outdoor workouts there is an added level of enjoyment due to the variety of environments available – from beaches or forests for running or cycling outdoors – and an ever-changing landscape that keeps things interesting day after day.

Additionally, there are often more opportunities for team sports or group activities when outdoors compared with indoor facilities; this social interaction provides extra motivation needed for regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices in general.

Trying different activities can also introduce new challenges and keep boredom at bay!

How should you go about taking your workouts outdoors?

Getting started with outdoor workouts can be a fun, rewarding experience. To ensure you have the best possible experience, it’s important to prepare in advance. Here are some steps you can take to start enjoying some of the benefits of outdoor exercise.

1- Find a great spot

First, find a local park, beach or nature trail that you can explore. This first step is crucial, as it sets the tone for your outdoor workouts. Look out for places that you can easily access so you can make the most of your time.

When selecting your spot, look for trails or areas that have varying terrain, inclines, and obstacles so you can mix up your workouts. Additionally, make sure to check out the rules of the area beforehand so you are aware of any regulations or restrictions that might exist.

2- Get some gear!

Second, invest in some basic equipment such as a good pair of sneakers and a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated throughout your workout. Also, consider investing in other pieces of gear like a hat or sunglasses for protection from the sun’s bright rays as well as lightweight clothing if needed.

This is specially important for outdoor workouts that are taking place in extreme temperatures or environments.

3- Have a plan & set goals

If you want to make the most out of your outdoor exercise sessions, set yourself a goal or find someone who is willing to join you on your workout journey. Having an objective in mind is great for keeping yourself motivated and inspired.

Alternatively, having someone there with you makes exercising outdoors more enjoyable as well as safer for both parties involved. And that’s what we’re here for at Hypefive!

4- Choose an activity that fits you

Finally, try out different activities such as running, biking and even just walking along nature trails. This way you’ll be able to determine what activity best suits your preferences while exploring the great outdoors!

Moreover, doing different types of workouts keeps things interesting while providing various physical benefits (such as muscle tone) which may not be available through other forms of exercise alone.

Final thoughts

Overall getting started with outdoor workouts is easy! It just takes some preparation and dedication but with the right mindset and approach outdoor exercises can be incredibly rewarding both mentally and physically.

And if you need some ideas or a community to help you get started, here at Hypefive we can provide a platform for you to explore, stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Check out our social media platforms or join our newsletter and start your journey today!